pysassc — SassC compliant command line interface

This provides SassC compliant CLI executable named pysassc:

$ pysassc
Usage: pysassc [options] SCSS_FILE [CSS_FILE]

There are options as well:

-t <style>, --style <style>

Coding style of the compiled result. The same as sass.compile() function’s output_style keyword argument. Default is nested.

-s <style>, --output-style <style>

Alias for -t / –style.

Deprecated since version 0.11.0.

-I <dir>, --include-path <dir>

Optional directory path to find @imported (S)CSS files. Can be multiply used.

-m, -g, --sourcemap

Emit source map. Requires the second argument (output CSS filename). The filename of source map will be the output CSS filename followed by .map.

New in version 0.4.0.

-p, --precision

Set the precision for numbers. Default is 5.

New in version 0.7.0.


Include debug info in output.

New in version 0.11.0.

-v, --version

Prints the program version.

-h, --help

Prints the help message.