libsass-python: Sass/SCSS for Python

This package provides a simple Python extension module sass which is binding LibSass (written in C/C++ by Hampton Catlin and Aaron Leung). It’s very straightforward and there isn’t any headache related Python distribution/deployment. That means you can add just libsass into your’s install_requires list or requirements.txt file.

It currently supports CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.5–3.7, and PyPy 2.3+!


  • You don’t need any Ruby/Node.js stack at all, for development or deployment either.

  • Fast. (LibSass is written in C++.)

  • Simple API. See example code for details.

  • Custom functions.

  • @import callbacks.

  • Support both tabbed (Sass) and braces (SCSS) syntax.

  • WSGI middleware for ease of development. It automatically compiles Sass/SCSS files for each request. See also sassutils.wsgi for details.

  • setuptools/distutils integration. You can build all Sass/SCSS files using build_sass command. See also sassutils.distutils for details.

  • Works also on PyPy.

  • Provides prebuilt wheel (PEP 427) binaries for Windows and Mac.


It’s available on PyPI, so you can install it using pip:

$ pip install libsass


libsass requires some features introduced by the recent C++ standard. You need a C++ compiler that support those features. See also libsass project’s README file.


Compile a String of Sass to CSS

>>> import sass
>>> sass.compile(string='a { b { color: blue; } }')
'a b {\n  color: blue; }\n'

Compile a Directory of Sass Files to CSS

>>> import sass
>>> import os
>>> os.mkdir('css')
>>> os.mkdir('sass')
>>> scss = """\
... $theme_color: #cc0000;
... body {
...     background-color: $theme_color;
... }
... """
>>> with open('sass/example.scss', 'w') as example_scss:
...      example_scss.write(scss)
>>> sass.compile(dirname=('sass', 'css'), output_style='compressed')
>>> with open('css/example.css') as example_css:
...     print(

User’s Guide



Hong Minhee wrote this Python binding of LibSass.

Hampton Catlin and Aaron Leung wrote LibSass, which is portable C/C++ implementation of Sass.

Hampton Catlin originally designed Sass language and wrote the first reference implementation of it in Ruby.

The above three are all distributed under MIT license.

Open source

GitHub (Git repository + issues)

Azure Pipelines CI (linux + windows)

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Azure Pipelines Coverage (Test coverage)

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